Professor Ralph Peck's Legacy Website
This website was developed to celebrate the life and legacy of Professor Ralph Peck.
Prof. Peck has been a source of inspiration to many and this website intends to
document aspects of his personal and professional life with the hope that future
generations of geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists internationally will
have the opportunity to get a glimpse of his life.
"Engineering is
indeed a noble sport,
and the legacy of
good engineers is a
better physical world
for those who follow
Ralph Peck

"It is with great pleasure that I have been watching the birth of this website.  Dad’s life
touched a lot of people in many places around the world.  He not only was known for his
expertise in engineering, but for his enjoyment and caring for people.  He was truly one who
cared for humanity and what happened to it.  And Dad was never happier than when he was
with his colleagues.

Dad may have been a well recognized man in the geotechnical profession, but he was also a
humble man.  Rather than having someone think of him as being a great engineer, his
fondest wish was always to be remembered as an educator.  This web site will help to make
those wishes become reality.

Thank you to everyone who has helped in both large and small ways to make this website a
reality.  Dad would have thought it unnecessary, but would have appreciated it."

This website was created with the assistance of Mrs Nancy Peck-Young, Prof. Peck's
daughter. Professor Ricardo Dobry, Dr. Suzanne Lacasse, Prof. Shamsher Prakash and
Prof. Cording served on the advisory panel of this website.  The website was financially
supported by the
Shamsher Prakash Foundation.

We invite Prof. Peck's friends, students and colleagues to share through this website
information or other resources that they may have with us and we will make them
available through this website. Please
contact us.
Nancy Peck Young
October 7, 2009
A message from Professor Peck's daughter