Dr. Bengt Fellenius wrote:

Hi Dimitrios,

I attach two old photos for your Peck gallery*. One is from October 1958 showing my father, Bror Fellenius, together with Ralph Peck at the University of Illinois, Urbana. The photo was taken by Tom Davisson. The second photo is from April 1972 and shows Peck and Lauritz Bjerrum attending the 5th ECSMFE in Madrid. In the row behind, to the left is Bengt H. Fellenius (me), and next is G.M. Cornfield of British Steel Piling Co. Next to him, I believe, but I am not sure, sits John Ward of the British Research Establishment. I recognize the faces of a couple of the others, but I cannot connect the faces to names.

Best regards,


* The two photos are included in this part of the Peck Gallery